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Testimonials from Real Arvixe Joomla Users:

Customer Testimonials
I tried a couple of other hosting, but Arvixe was the best one I tested. Very functional and perfor...
Arvixe is the best hosting service I got so far, it has good speed, and very fast supporting.
I am a newer web developer and was referred to Arvixe by very experienced developers who highly reco...
The real thing is, I found better than to any other web hosting provider. My site that ho...
Owncloud woenel.own...
Hosting is great, simple, and effective.
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Joomla Hosting Reviews

Arvixe prides itself on our high quality and affordable Joomla Hosting. We send surveys to our customers to get feedback on a regular basis. Below are a few reviews of our hosting services. These are real reviews sent to us.

I have been with Arvixe for so long I wouldn't be able to compare with other providers. Overall the ... Click for Full Review
05/24/2013 Stephen
The uptime is excellent. Customer services are superb. I really appreciate your hard work.Thanks.
04/17/2013 Haider
I have been very impressed with the ease with which I can do web business with Arvixe. Both off the ... Click for Full Review
10/19/2014 Henry
Arvixe has meet all of our needs we do not need to look for another provider.
06/08/2013 john
Since switching from my previous provider, I have been very pleased with Arvixe.
04/25/2014 James
thank you for all the great help.
08/11/2013 ENELIO E. thekinkypl...
I moved from GoDaddy to Arvixe as I was uncomfortable with the tone/content of the GoDaddy advertisi... Click for Full Review
06/04/2013 Glenn
Compared to another hosting company I use, Arvixe has been amazing in terms of performance and servi... Click for Full Review
10/09/2014 Mark
Great service for a very affordable price. Keep it up!
11/12/2013 justin
Arvixe was recommended by a friend and I have never looked into another option. I am very happy esp... Click for Full Review
09/15/2013 Steve fundraisew...
On Arvixe I found stable web hosting with many features and with very friendly support. Thank you ve... Click for Full Review
11/13/2013 Michal
It's been a year since I signed up with Arvixe and the service has been great so far. There has been... Click for Full Review
08/27/2013 Mark John Lois
Good quality, low prices, live support. Overall very good hosting for my websites.
11/26/2014 Ivan
Arvixe is the best then others and i am using it since 2 years
03/05/2015 App
It is so far the best hosting service.
05/13/2013 ciamita
Arvixe support service is better than other. Thank you for your support.
03/11/2014 indra
I have been extremely pleased with the high quality and over the top customer service that I have re... Click for Full Review
04/24/2013 Craig integritec...
my web site wouldn't be so far along if it wasn't for customer support operator Chris. Your support ... Click for Full Review
10/07/2014 Josh built2rail...
I like the fact that your support team has the ability to just get things done. All calls ar address... Click for Full Review
06/24/2013 Biren
Your greatest appeal comes from your easy-to-set-up services, respecting the privacy of your users, ... Click for Full Review
10/29/2013 Owncloud azuvil.own...
I have recommended arvixe hosting to many of my customers. And so far they are all happy with arvixe... Click for Full Review
05/17/2014 Sundar
The support team is so fast and very kind for noobs like me.
09/22/2014 Michael Edvard tarikgan.o...
ARVIXE hosting solutions are without doubt delivering excellent services and customer service, on wh... Click for Full Review
05/25/2014 Michal
Great Service and Awesome Quality!
05/28/2014 Enrique fbclickabl...
I switched from another hosting company that had great service but wanted me to pay more additional ... Click for Full Review
03/28/2015 Ian

Testimonials from Real Arvixe Joomla Users:

Customer Testimonials
Very satisfied!
I've used hosting from several different providers over the years, and I have NEVER had the support ...
We have had a great experience and have already recommended Arvixe to our clients.
My customer support experience with Arvixe has been great! I switched to Arvixe after being disappo...
Very happy with the service and support for the price!