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Testimonials from Real Arvixe Joomla Users:

Customer Testimonials
I think that you guys are a very professional company. Thanks.
Currently I have two hosting more: Aspnix and 1&1, but you are much better
Fco Javier
Arvixe works well for us. We used to host with a competitor but we weren't satisfied so we switched ...
I'm an artist using Arvixe to host my portfolio website. Over the last year or so with Arvixe, I've...
Arvixe provides to clients best value ASP.Net VPS service that I ever met.
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Joomla Hosting Reviews

Arvixe prides itself on our high quality and affordable Joomla Hosting. We send surveys to our customers to get feedback on a regular basis. Below are a few reviews of our hosting services. These are real reviews sent to us.

Arvixe maked my life easier, I can build fast a website, or upload my one, and optimize it easy with... Click for Full Review
06/26/2014 Juan
I really liked the experience with Arvixe. I like free unlimited sub-domains feature. I am renewing ... Click for Full Review
09/30/2013 maneesh
Arvixe has always rocked, and always will. I can tell from various interactions with your staff that... Click for Full Review
01/31/2014 Dana replikator...
...all in all and this is based on working the web since '95 Arvixe is overall the best service I ha... Click for Full Review
11/26/2013 James
I have a number of accounts with you for different endeavours and am HUGELY impressed by the quality... Click for Full Review
I have been doing hosting reviews over 100+ popular hosts since 2008. Arvixe is our top recommendat... Click for Full Review
05/06/2013 Kerry
Arvixe Customer Satisfaction must be very high, the people I've recommended to and have since starte... Click for Full Review
05/17/2013 Shaun
I said yes to arvixe having better customer service than others but I can't really compare that to a... Click for Full Review
05/09/2013 Ben
Arvixe is cheap, and it works. If there are any problems, they fix it in a few hours. Can't complain... Click for Full Review
05/05/2013 Gal
Service has been great, I have had very little concerns regarding my hosting and they were addressed... Click for Full Review
07/29/2013 Doug langhamcom...
I am not sure who I would be host with if not Arvixe. I have what I need with Arvixe and haven't ne... Click for Full Review
07/15/2013 Brett
I was happy to say you are in the right place for your hosting. Happy to hosted at arvixe.
08/19/2013 pursothaman filesprior...
Arvixe is so trustworthy that when I changed jobs and my new boss was having trouble with Bluehost I... Click for Full Review
09/23/2013 Francisco
I started using Arvixe after being disappointed by my previous hosts security and customer service. ... Click for Full Review
05/08/2013 Rakhitha rakasunive...
You were recommended to me by a friend when I mentioned that I was going to start a WordPress blog. ... Click for Full Review
09/23/2013 Luke
Love Arvixe.
07/23/2013 Troy
Compared to another hosting company I use, Arvixe has been amazing in terms of performance and servi... Click for Full Review
10/09/2014 Mark
I have been hosting websites since the 90's boom of the Net, and I have to say that Arvixe is one of... Click for Full Review
07/09/2013 Luis Alberto pazydesarr...
I have never had any issue that are not resolved by the support guys. and i really mean it. I made t... Click for Full Review
06/10/2013 Yasir
I also use two other services for certain products, you are my favorite!
05/05/2013 Jerry
Although I have been idle for the last couple of years (personal issues), Arvixe was always there an... Click for Full Review
06/22/2013 Ron
We @ OEI have picked Arvixe because of Value and their over all rating and customer testimonials. Ar... Click for Full Review
05/08/2013 Joseph
I have been very pleased with my experience thus far with Arvixe. Making and hosting my wedding webs... Click for Full Review
10/31/2013 Logan
Axvire is providing high quality assistance. Their costumer service is among the best in industry!
11/11/2014 Mohamed Amine
CONGRATULATIONS!! As a demanding customer I consider myself I have proof your service is more than t... Click for Full Review
11/25/2013 Ivan

Testimonials from Real Arvixe Joomla Users:

Customer Testimonials
I'm an artist using Arvixe to host my portfolio website. Over the last year or so with Arvixe, I've...
I was with another host before. They promised the world but delivered NOTHING. Arvixe has really hel...
Lloyd acebeeandw...
Great Web Hosting Services
VIRTUAL DESK SO vdesksolut...
I was with Crazy Domains but they have very poor customer support. I had some initial issues with m...
Have tried other hosting companies and the response from Arvixe is second to none
greg gblsportsm...