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ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS) designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind. Administrators can install or update ATutor in minutes, develop custom themes to give ATutor a new look, and easily extend its functionality with feature modules. Educators can quickly assemble, package, and redistribute Web-based instructional content, easily import prepackaged content, and conduct their courses online. Students learn in an adaptive learning environment. New to Course and Learning Management System? Learn more about ATutor , then sign up for a web hosting account from Arvixe and get going in minutes. ATutor not for you? We have many more Course and Learning Management System solutions: Course and Learning Management System hosting

Here are some reasons why ATutor Web Hosting is for you -

ATutor is very user-friendly. It has an interface for modifying documents without using HTML - this means that you can change fonts, font colors, underlines, and the like without having to learn a computer language. It is all set up to work something like word processing programs. ATutor has online test capability, and stores tests that have been completed. It has a unique tool called "My Tracker" which tracks your own navigational patterns - this means that students can track their own use in addition to instructors being able to track student use of the site. For those who do not like reading everything on a screen, ATutor has a print compiler, which really helps those students or instructors who want to print out notes or a transcript of a discussion.

  • Accessibility: ATutor was designed with accessibility as a priority. A wide range of features ensure assistive technology users can participate fully in learner, instructor, and administrative activities. DIV based themes are available for added accessibility. ATutor conforms with international accessibility standards. New in 1.6.2! IMS/ISO AccessForAll support allows learners to configure the environment and content to their specific needs.
  • Security: Login passwords are encrypted. Forgotten passwords must be reset, rather than retrieved by email, removing the possibility they might be intercepted when being sent over the Internet.
  • My Courses : Instructors and students can manage the ATutor courses they teach and/or are enrolled in. New in 1.6.1! When a student registers they are automatically logged into My Courses.
  • Inbox/Messaging : All users on an ATutor system have an Inbox, through which they can send and receive private messages from other users. Messages sent are saved to Sent Messages, which remain for a set period before being deleted. Messages can be exported and saved externally.
  • Student Profile : Students can add personal information about themselves for other to see, and include a profile picture, which is also displayed with forum posts.
  • Adaptive Navigation: Learners can move through ATutor content using global, hierarchical, or sequential navigation tools. Navigation elements can be displayed as text, icons, or both text and icons, and they can be hidden to simplify the environment.
  • Work Groups: ATutor learners can collaborate with others on course projects, communicate as a group through the forums share resources using the File Storage, and work together authoring project documents. Exercises or assignments can submitted to the group leader, or course instructor. This replaces much of the functionality found in the ACollab module, though it is still possible to use along with ATutor work groups.
  • File Storage: All user on an ATutor system have their own file storage utility. File storage areas can also be shared across groups, or an entire course. Version control can be enabled to keep track of drafts or changes to documents.
  • Group Blog: Each group has access to their own blog, to which they can post public messages, available to all course member, or private messages, available only to group members and instructors. Add Latex formatted mathematical notation and multimedia objects to blog postings
  • Feedback: Following an action on Atutor (such as saving preference settings, or posting a message), feedback is given on the status of the operation. This could be a success message, warnings to consider, or errors to fix.
  • Preference Settings: Learners can control ATutor features and the theme ATutor is presented in. New in 1.6.1! A theme with the Fluid libraries integrated, allows users to move the menu from side-to-side to suit their preference. New in 1.6.2! Students can control visual display settings, content adaption settings, navigation controls and learning tools settings.
  • Communication Tools: Learners can communicate with others using ATutor's private mail, the discussion forums, the chat rooms, or the "User's Online" tool. Threads and messages can be sorted in a variety of ways. Students can communicate with those in other courses through shared forum, or a community forum. Subscribe to forums or topic threads to have forum messages sent by email. Students can edit their forum posts for a specifed number of minutes.New in 1.6.2!Students can search through forum messages in the current course, enrolled courses, or all available courses.
  • Content Tracker: Learners can keep track of the content pages they have visited.
  • Test Manager: Learners can take tests, review test results, and keep track of their scores. Course Guests can take practice tests.New in 1.6.1! Students can return to a test previous started but not completed, and begin where they left off.
  • Links Database: Through ATutor, each course, and groups within courses, has a tool for collecting links to Web-based information. Both students and instructors can add links. Instructors can manage course links, and students can manage group links.
  • Course Search: A search engine allows learners to search course content. Search for courses in the course catalogue.
  • TILE Repository Search: With ATutor and ATutor hosting, learners can search the TILE learning objects repository for content related to the topics they are studying, and download content packages for viewing offline.

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