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Testimonials from Real Arvixe Drupal Users:

Customer Testimonials
I have tried several hosting providers since 2004, but i never been satisfied till i subscribed to A...
Henry cosmicwaveph.com
Arvixe has excellent Plans of services, good prices, so i am very happy with this company
Roberto juiciooral.mx
I hosted all of my site on arvixe after getting bad service from another host. Now I am very much sa...
Manoranjan ptclister.com
Great services, and also great customer support. I sincerely recommend Arvixe as your web hosting pr...
Mohamed www.arvixe.com
Your services was very good thank you for all
ABRAHAM SINAI todocontad...
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Drupal Hosting Reviews

We at Arvixe pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and affordability when it comes to Drupal Hosting. As a practice to keep us running at a high level, we ask our customers to review their hosting services with us. We share these reviews publicly, whether they are good or bad!

I have been doing hosting reviews over 100+ popular hosts since 2008. Arvixe is our top recommendat... Click for Full Review
05/06/2013 Kerry webhostpark.com
Since I first got setup with my Arvixe hosting account, I've been consistently and completely satisf... Click for Full Review
06/12/2013 Andrew burning-sky.net
You guys offer a great overall service, i went from Hostgator, Winhost, and also had experience with... Click for Full Review
07/18/2013 Diego promedicsoft.com
Since I joined, everything is just perfect.My initial setup was quick and easy. I contacted the s... Click for Full Review
09/05/2013 Marie-Yann cassiopeiae.ca
I have been using Arvixe for 3 years now. What awesome service! These guys really know what they are... Click for Full Review
12/24/2013 Yogendra e-mailer.in
I have been building and hosting websites for about 8 years now and have tried 100's of other websit... Click for Full Review
04/14/2014 mark loudda.com
I really appreciate Arvixe's dedication to offering an exceptional hosting experience. The options ... Click for Full Review
10/10/2013 Steve ccc-nl.org
Being able to connect with someone right away on the phone is really important to my business.Than... Click for Full Review
07/08/2013 Laura landcoasta...
Love Arvixe.
07/23/2013 Troy biblocality.com
Arvixe is the best hosting service provider I have come across in the last 10 years. Your service is... Click for Full Review
10/16/2014 Mohammed muslimhub.org
Arvixe's customer service is in one word: "Mind-Blowing". NEW USER INTRODUCTION-----------------... Click for Full Review
10/08/2014 Hafiz bibisquint...
I found Arvixe and haven't looked back. I've had excellent uptime, quality service and all for a pr... Click for Full Review
09/09/2014 Matthew shiftycode.com
After using more than a dozen hosting services in the past five years, we finally got what we were n... Click for Full Review
05/13/2013 Shah Nawaz igccsl.com
One if the best cost effective Web hosts. You're always honest when you 're experiencing minor disru... Click for Full Review
05/22/2014 Eugene coolguysdo...
Ease of the interface and the fast connection is what I really like about Arvixe...
03/27/2014 Mehmet msarica.com
Fast, friendly and capable support resulted in a quick resolution to my requests.
05/28/2014 Jonathan deepthough...
I came from IHostASP.net which I used for like 6 years. There offering was really good at first but... Click for Full Review
12/31/2013 Chris claruscor.com
¡You are so cool!
07/17/2014 Alejandro qualyserv.com.co
We came to Arvixe because of a recommendation from a friend that you offered Windows hosting. At th... Click for Full Review
08/22/2013 Corey thewetlife.com
Been with your company for years, now and I've never had a complaint. Keep up the good work.
10/11/2013 Faye idothisbecause.org
Im very happy with arvixe. Very fast support. Thank you! christina from the netherlands
03/12/2014 christina mettenfash...
Thank you arvixe team your a big help for small beginner like me.
02/07/2014 Jett akinporno.com
Arvixe is cheap, and it works. If there are any problems, they fix it in a few hours. Can't complain... Click for Full Review
05/05/2013 Gal www.arvixe.com
I used to be with BlueHost. They were awful - until my Xenforo forums started spitting out errors (S... Click for Full Review
04/04/2014 Derrick saltynutz.com
I've had 3 providers in the past and your uptime and fast customer support has been the best I have ... Click for Full Review
09/12/2013 Dan setmyscheduler.com

Testimonials from Real Arvixe Drupal Users:

Customer Testimonials
Ever since I signed up with you guys I received royal customer service. I signed up as an affiliate...
Vladimir valcorpnc.com
I didn't have a site until I found you -- it was only your great support pages and very low cost whi...
J Michael jymes.com
I'm an artist using Arvixe to host my portfolio website. Over the last year or so with Arvixe, I've...
Sarah sarahikegami.com
Very good customer service and education from most representatives, excellent prices. I am an educa...
Anne hemsleymic...
I used to have.a goddady account before came with arvixe... the diference was the costumer support.....
Carlos archipiela...