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Testimonials from Real Arvixe Drupal Users:

Customer Testimonials
The services and support of Arvixe are greatly appreciated in a time of many, few are able to hold u...
Matthew matthewsc.org
I am happy with my experience with Arvixe so far. There were times that I wished to see things impro...
Oganalp 3makyaj1den.com
Keep up the good work, you're doing awesome!
Raphael golfshotst...
Arvixe is Simply Superb for windows hosting than other web hosters that i have gone across.
Mohamed whizzyibrahim.com
Arvixe is an excellent service
Ariel aridolan.com
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Drupal Hosting Reviews

We at Arvixe pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and affordability when it comes to Drupal Hosting. As a practice to keep us running at a high level, we ask our customers to review their hosting services with us. We share these reviews publicly, whether they are good or bad!

Arvixe is the best web hosting in the worldThey are unique and they have the best services I own m... Click for Full Review
04/24/2014 Sylejman www.arvixe.com
best host i ever had (and i tryed many hosts)
02/11/2014 lior enderpex.com
Compared to another hosting service that I use here in Europe, I particularly appreciate Arvixe's ve... Click for Full Review
06/30/2013 Onno ot-dunkerque.com
Before signing in to Arvixe I read all the comments and review from internet and from 3 hosting comp... Click for Full Review
06/10/2013 Malvin malvinreyes.com
i am satisfied with arvixe
05/12/2013 wagdy www.arvixe.com
I have good customer service experience with Arvixe in the last 3 months. Surely appreciate their he... Click for Full Review
07/03/2013 Vijay Kumar love2sendg...
Excellent tech support and very good prices
11/25/2014 Teresa simapromx.com
I was introduced by sister (www.sofess.com) who has been with you since 2009. We will upgrade our pl... Click for Full Review
04/24/2013 Sharifah Nur Farahin www.arvixe.com
Excellent support and services. Have tried any hosting services so far, but Arvixe is the best of it... Click for Full Review
05/01/2014 Arjuno www.arvixe.com
Thanks arvixe , my site name www.rsnbd.com , i already host my site in arvixe even i transfer my dom... Click for Full Review
04/06/2014 Muhammad Borhan casualdate...
My friend recommended Arvixe and they have been a dream. My friend helps me with my website, but if... Click for Full Review
08/08/2013 Amelia dewolfestudios.com
I tried a couple of other hosting, but Arvixe was the best one I tested. Very functional and perfor... Click for Full Review
03/31/2014 Michael reedme.us
Nobody's perfect, but my experience with Arvixe has been a head and shoulders above every other web ... Click for Full Review
06/05/2013 Jason moseleyhome.com
Arvixe Customer Satisfaction must be very high, the people I've recommended to and have since starte... Click for Full Review
05/17/2013 Shaun shaunfox.co.uk
Since switching to Arvixe, my web-sites load up to 33% faster and the up-time has been unmatched by ... Click for Full Review
03/24/2014 Daniel ninearc.com
It's been a year since I signed up with Arvixe and the service has been great so far. There has been... Click for Full Review
08/27/2013 Mark John Lois www.arvixe.com
i am with arvixe from over an year ago and i am absolutely happy and very satisfied customer and the... Click for Full Review
06/11/2013 cool businessfinderz.com
I absolutely love Arvixe over the past 10 yrs I have used Arvixe for my professional and personal ne... Click for Full Review
09/09/2014 Edith thepositivevibez.com
Best available shared hosting solution. Low prices and no downtimes combined with outstanding billin... Click for Full Review
09/19/2014 Andras muhiba.com
Although I haven't been with Arvixe very long, I am already pleased by the ease with which I can man... Click for Full Review
04/15/2014 Earl sipoeb.com
I used to be with BlueHost. They were awful - until my Xenforo forums started spitting out errors (S... Click for Full Review
04/04/2014 Derrick saltynutz.com
I am enjoying your service and it fits the bill for me now. I will be coming back for another year.... Click for Full Review
07/22/2013 FELICIA perfumeretreat.com
Fast, friendly service - this is the only hosting company I want to use.
08/08/2014 Faroouqe ragefootball.com
The hosting packages are just wonderful as per my need and would definitely recommend my friends to ... Click for Full Review
09/08/2013 Anilkumar estudyweb.com
Arvixe is the best hosting.
08/18/2013 Ashok ashokweb.com

Testimonials from Real Arvixe Drupal Users:

Customer Testimonials
Best customer service! Had some issues and the support staff were professional, courteous and extre...
Kenneth virchy.com
Great customer service. Always got a response within 24-48 hours and customer service is much better...
Rameen hypetech.net
Ive been with you guys for the last 4 years. I really love your service.
Daisy ecohomesol...
We have tried big hosting companies like GoDaddy.com, and their service was pathetic. Specially cust...
Zohaib sana-traders.com
Hosting is great, simple, and effective.
Bryant www.arvixe.com