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Testimonials from Real Arvixe Joomla Users:

Customer Testimonials
Arvixe have to be one of the easiest hosts to use, and the price for hosting is pretty darn cheap. H...
Arvixe is a great hosting company! They are extremely fast when it comes to getting you set up & the...
Thank you for the quick turn around on customer service emails! When my site was hack...
Jeffrey gunbarrelg...
Hello I Have Hosted My 6 Websites With Arvixe & You Are Really Trusted & AWESOME. All My domains are...
Great services and very reasonable prices, especially looking everything provided!
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Joomla Hosting Reviews

Arvixe prides itself on our high quality and affordable Joomla Hosting. We send surveys to our customers to get feedback on a regular basis. Below are a few reviews of our hosting services. These are real reviews sent to us.

With regards to web hosting companies: I have been around the track a couple of times. Today I would... Click for Full Review
07/31/2013 Grant
Great service for a very affordable price. Keep it up!
11/12/2013 justin
I will soon hit the 1 year mark on being Arvixe's client, and till now you did more than a GREAT job... Click for Full Review
09/28/2013 Gabriel
You support is REALLY good. Every problem I have had has been either solved or explained thoroughly.... Click for Full Review
09/03/2013 Michael totelcomne...
currently the best and long is Arvixe, I recommend Arvixe as a consultant to many companies
01/20/2014 Mario
Great Web Hosting Services
11/11/2014 VIRTUAL DESK SO vdesksolut...
You're one of the best hosting providers I've used! Keep up the great work!
11/30/2013 Christopher
There is really nothing to moan about - you always deliver best service, whether it concerns questio... Click for Full Review
10/19/2013 Birgit community-...
I had a lot of questions and problems when starting up my website since I'm not tech savvy at all. B... Click for Full Review
07/02/2013 Catalin peacefuley...
You guys do a great job and I have been very happy.
07/19/2013 William
I have already recommended Arvixe to a friend and we have started a new account and new website. I ... Click for Full Review
10/28/2014 Jonathan harveymerc...
I'm customer with relatively minimal needs. All I want is my domain registered and hosting, bothe ta... Click for Full Review
12/27/2013 Brendan spotlightl...
Ever since I signed up with you guys I received royal customer service. I signed up as an affiliate... Click for Full Review
07/25/2014 Vladimir
You were recommended to me by a friend when I mentioned that I was going to start a WordPress blog. ... Click for Full Review
09/23/2013 Luke
I currently have 5 accounts with Arvixe ranging from PhPBBS to multiple custom Web Apps to Umbraco C... Click for Full Review
07/31/2013 Brian
Arvixe provides the best service, price and overall experience for the customer looking to host thei... Click for Full Review
02/05/2014 Carter
Arvixe is a great hosting company! They are extremely fast when it comes to getting you set up & the... Click for Full Review
04/06/2014 Joseph
Glad I switched to Arvixe a few years back. Right from the start I have been nothing but impressed w... Click for Full Review
06/15/2013 Fred
I'm fairly new to the web design world and when searching out a hosting provider for my development ... Click for Full Review
11/03/2013 Brad
Service has improved constantly since I started using Arvixe. You give me no reason to even think a... Click for Full Review
09/09/2013 Kevin
I was recommended Arvixe 3+ years ago and haven't regretted the decision to host a couple of website... Click for Full Review
11/25/2013 Kristina junkfoodfr...
I found you the best, I had tried many before you, such as aspnix, Helovicity, GoDaddy and Hivelocit... Click for Full Review
06/13/2013 Bashar
This has been the best hosting service I have ever used.
08/03/2013 Joe
The uptimes are very good and I really have not had a reason to talk to the support. I am very happy... Click for Full Review
07/16/2013 Roy
I am almost complete on transferring my business to Arvixe. I could not be happier, especially with... Click for Full Review
01/01/2014 Salvatore

Testimonials from Real Arvixe Joomla Users:

Customer Testimonials
Arvixe is the best web hosting company. There customer service is second to none.
Michael sitesandso...
One reason why i love arvixe is that, they help make my job as a web developer easy. They make every...
It has been a great pleasure to have Arvixe host my personal websites over these past few years. I h...
it's been great three years of hosting. keep it up :)
You are awesome...Actually i stopped looking for others after finding you...
Vibhor K