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Testimonials from Real Arvixe Joomla Users:

Customer Testimonials
I had someone call offering "amazing web hosting" for an "incredible price!" I politely listened an...
I really appreciate the quick response I get from you guys! It makes maintaining our web site a much...
I engaged Arvixe Team in a serious task when I subscribed to the service which was as a result of my...
It is the best hosting site, affordable and just simple, i have been 2 years already and going for o...
Fast and effective customer support on just how to get technical things done means I feel my website...
Michael Alan englishspa...
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Joomla Hosting Reviews

Arvixe prides itself on our high quality and affordable Joomla Hosting. We send surveys to our customers to get feedback on a regular basis. Below are a few reviews of our hosting services. These are real reviews sent to us.

Good service, very kind and helpful in every way :)
04/23/2013 elia
Hello I Have Hosted My 6 Websites With Arvixe & You Are Really Trusted & AWESOME. All My domains are... Click for Full Review
08/18/2013 tonmoay
Been with you guys for a while now and have no complaints at all. Tech support has been great. Keep ... Click for Full Review
07/29/2013 Patrick precisions...
thank you for all the great help.
08/11/2013 ENELIO E. thekinkypl...
I have been very pleased with my experience thus far with Arvixe. Making and hosting my wedding webs... Click for Full Review
10/31/2013 Logan
After using more than a dozen hosting services in the past five years, we finally got what we were n... Click for Full Review
05/13/2013 Shah Nawaz
I used some Hosting Services, before Arvixe.Today I am very happy with the service.- Good Support... Click for Full Review
10/16/2014 Paulo
I have been with Arvixe for so long I wouldn't be able to compare with other providers. Overall the ... Click for Full Review
05/24/2013 Stephen
I'm very happy hosting my websites at Arvixe and I recommend it.Thank you Arvixe for your usual goo... Click for Full Review
06/05/2014 Orlando
On Arvixe I found stable web hosting with many features and with very friendly support. Thank you ve... Click for Full Review
11/13/2013 Michal
Since I joined, everything is just perfect.My initial setup was quick and easy. I contacted the s... Click for Full Review
09/05/2013 Marie-Yann
Arvixe has been wonderful to start our business in the form of Their suppo... Click for Full Review
10/10/2013 TheInnovis
I used to have.a goddady account before came with arvixe... the diference was the costumer support..... Click for Full Review
07/30/2013 Carlos archipiela...
i have had stellar service with technical issues, prices are excellent, storage is awesome, and the ... Click for Full Review
07/19/2013 K D
I have been very impressed with the ease with which I can do web business with Arvixe. Both off the ... Click for Full Review
10/19/2014 Henry
Appreciate fast response to emails. I am the definition of newbie. Zero website or coding experienc... Click for Full Review
05/04/2013 Christina
I have been using your services off and on for over 10 years, and wouldn't change for anything. You... Click for Full Review
04/20/2014 Gregory
I've had a great experience with Arvixe so far. I've been using your services for about 3 years now ... Click for Full Review
10/14/2013 Francisco
I've been with my previous host for years and moving has been an 'eye opener'. Since moving to Arvi... Click for Full Review
09/17/2014 Steve
I came to Arvixe after researching reliable and hard-working hosting teams. I did some research on A... Click for Full Review
06/04/2014 Art
Used other hosting services, but your group does an excellent job walking clients through each phase... Click for Full Review
09/13/2014 Michael
Great services and very reasonable prices, especially looking everything provided!
10/24/2014 Kevin
You guys are doing a phenomenal job! I have experienced with Godaddy, Hostgator, Lunarpages, and Hos... Click for Full Review
01/14/2014 Garrett
I was with two other web hosting companies (WebHost4Life and GoDaddy Hosting) prior to switching to ... Click for Full Review
08/21/2013 Chris
Arvixe has provided my business with exactly what they said they would provide and came highly recom... Click for Full Review
07/01/2014 Renaud constructi...

Testimonials from Real Arvixe Joomla Users:

Customer Testimonials
Actually, Arvixe was my first hosting company. When I compared with my friend's hosting company, who...
Arvixe is a great hosting service and I had been here for many years. I wish the support and service...
We have tried big hosting companies like, and their service was pathetic. Specially cust...
Overall Arvixe is Awesome. I have been with numerous web hosting over the last 10 years and by far t...
i love ARVIXE