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Testimonials from Real Arvixe Joomla Users:

Customer Testimonials
Our organization switched to Arvixe a couple of years ago and we have been very pleased with everyth...
I have found that the customer service as well as the technical knowledge of the Arvixe support team...
I have tried several hosting companies in the past and none of them come close to Arvixe for quality...
I was working with lot of domain and hosting providers but after coming to Arvixe, i got what i need...
I have been through a number of hosts since I first decided to run my own website over 10 years ago....
Srikanth reviewsbya...
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Joomla Hosting Reviews

Arvixe prides itself on our high quality and affordable Joomla Hosting. We send surveys to our customers to get feedback on a regular basis. Below are a few reviews of our hosting services. These are real reviews sent to us.

We @ OEI have picked Arvixe because of Value and their over all rating and customer testimonials. Ar... Click for Full Review
05/08/2013 Joseph
Before signing in to Arvixe I read all the comments and review from internet and from 3 hosting comp... Click for Full Review
06/10/2013 Malvin
Great service with reasonable price
03/25/2014 Armin
I really appreciate Arvixe's dedication to offering an exceptional hosting experience. The options ... Click for Full Review
10/10/2013 Steve
arivxe offers reasonal price wth exceptional techicl support and customer services, highly recommend... Click for Full Review
10/19/2014 Ben
Great Support, even provided for amateurs like myself.
12/19/2014 Jeremy
I have a number of accounts with you for different endeavours and am HUGELY impressed by the quality... Click for Full Review
One if the best cost effective Web hosts. You're always honest when you 're experiencing minor disru... Click for Full Review
05/22/2014 Eugene coolguysdo...
You guys are the best host I have ever come across. I recommend all my clients/friends to Arvixe.
01/22/2014 Tomas
You all rock - It took me know time to get my email back up and running after having been with Godad... Click for Full Review
06/23/2013 Richard
I inherited godaddy accounts when I started at were I work. These account were paid 5 years in advan... Click for Full Review
12/20/2013 Scott
Great service for a very affordable price. Keep it up!
11/12/2013 justin
Glad I switched to Arvixe a few years back. Right from the start I have been nothing but impressed w... Click for Full Review
06/15/2013 Fred
I have recommended arvixe hosting to many of my customers. And so far they are all happy with arvixe... Click for Full Review
05/17/2014 Sundar
Arvixe is the only domain and hosting company that I have ever hosted for the last 3 years. All I ca... Click for Full Review
10/25/2013 Michael
I have tried several hosting companies in the past and none of them come close to Arvixe for quality... Click for Full Review
12/28/2014 Jaki
Arvixe seems great so far! Can't complain!
08/27/2013 Andy
Great Service and Awesome Quality!
05/28/2014 Enrique fbclickabl...
I'm recommending all my friends arviex for reliable, supportive, good web hosting service.
05/20/2013 Kumaresan
Used Hostgator before I switched over to Arvixe, and I have to say I'm mighty impressed! ;) I've had... Click for Full Review
03/10/2014 Bjørnar
Compared to another hosting company I use, Arvixe has been amazing in terms of performance and servi... Click for Full Review
10/09/2014 Mark
I have to say that every time I thought I needed help I could find my answer in the forums or get he... Click for Full Review
08/10/2013 Chaz
I've been very happy with Arvixe. Full-featured, affordable, and easy to set up.
07/23/2013 James
it's been great three years of hosting. keep it up :)
03/10/2014 Husam
Arvixe has been a blessing for me personally considering I never put a website together before you g... Click for Full Review
06/29/2013 Ricardo

Testimonials from Real Arvixe Joomla Users:

Customer Testimonials
I came from which I used for like 6 years. There offering was really good at first but...
I really like Chat service on Arvixe, they always solve my problems right away.Regards,JP
My experience has been excellent with Arvixe. Great service and support!
Great customer service. Always got a response within 24-48 hours and customer service is much better...
We are located in India and are very happy with your prompt and good service. We did not ever requir...