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We send out surveys every day as one way of keeping in tune with our customers. Here are some graphs showing what we've learned from them in the past two months. You can mouse over headings to get some more information about a specific graph.

Surveys sent in the past 2 months: 5490
Surveys completed in the past 2 months: 500
Average satisfaction: 8.7
Percent that would recommend Arvixe: 92.6%
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Recent Feedback
10 9-14-2014: Tony (
"I am a web designer and I have been with Arvixe for years and have had no issues what so ever. The tech support is quick to respond to tickets submitted and quick to reply and have any minor issues fixed very quiclky. I direct many of my clients to Arvixe and they in turn are very happy as well. Thank you Arvixe for such wonderful service. Tony Lamb"
10 9-13-2014: Michael (
"Used other hosting services, but your group does an excellent job walking clients through each phase of the implementation. My SugarCRM and WordPress implementations were seamless. Thanks and keep up the excellent work."
10 9-13-2014: Loni (
"Arvixe is straight up amazing. The prices are super low, even for the more comprehensive packages. I think that would lead most people would assume that the service they'll end up getting is going to be subpar. However, that is most certainly -not- the case. My site speed has been super fast. Customer service is fast, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. There has been a spot of downtime when there was some server trouble, but they kept me updated every step of the way in getting it fixed. In the end the downtime was very short and thanks to the constant updates from the staff on the progress, I was never worried. I would definitely recommend Arvixe and have done so, happily."
10 9-12-2014: Angel (
"Thank you for the amazing service"
8 9-11-2014: Werner (
"Thank you Arvixe I tried some other companies and yours is the best so far keep providing good service. "