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We send out surveys every day as one way of keeping in tune with our customers. Here are some graphs showing what we've learned from them in the past two months. You can mouse over headings to get some more information about a specific graph.

Surveys sent in the past 2 months: 6344
Surveys completed in the past 2 months: 595
Average satisfaction: 8.7
Percent that would recommend Arvixe: 92.44%
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Recent Feedback
10 8-18-2014: Erin (
"We have had a great experience and have already recommended Arvixe to our clients."
10 8-17-2014: George (
"My experience with Arvixe has been very positive because everything on my website has worked great without any issues."
10 8-16-2014: Robin (
"After some research, I picked Arvixe to host my Oxwall membership site. I'm very happy with how effortlessly it was to set up the site's software. I've had no issues at all and the site loads quite fast. Great price too. "
10 8-11-2014: Nasir Uddin (
"About Arvixe, they never break a promise! I think this is the best hosting company I ever found where other hosting companies deal with much complexities & issues. Their pricing options, site up-time, customer support & availability are fabulous! Never get such a great web solution before."
10 8-11-2014: Manuel (
"Great support, very helpful and polite people! Good for you."