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We send out surveys every day as one way of keeping in tune with our customers. Here are some graphs showing what we've learned from them in the past two months. You can mouse over headings to get some more information about a specific graph.

Surveys sent in the past 2 months: 7198
Surveys completed in the past 2 months: 654
Average satisfaction: 8.7
Percent that would recommend Arvixe: 92.81%
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Recent Feedback
10 10-29-2014: Christopher (
"Thank you very much for being my #1 provider, you're far better than the competition!!! "
10 10-28-2014: Jonathan (
"I have already recommended Arvixe to a friend and we have started a new account and new website. I am very happy with the service and pricing at Arvixe."
9 10-27-2014: Muhammad (
"Great Service Guys.. I'm hosting all my .Net Applications on Arvix. I've never been this satisfied with any hosting providers. 99.99% Up-time. Really Happy."
10 10-26-2014: Peter (
"I switched to Arvixe in a hurry when my previous host planned to close. I have been extremely satisfied with the features and service Arvixe provides, all at a very reasonable rate. Transferring my domain and site was simple and I've since been able to take advantage of features that weren't offered by my previous host to refine how I manage and maintain my website. Only on one occasion did I have a problem requiring support and Arvixe responded extremely promptly and courteously resolving my issue in what has to be one of the finest customer service experiences I've ever had. I look forward to continuing to host with Arvixe."
10 10-24-2014: Kevin (
"Great services and very reasonable prices, especially looking everything provided!"