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We send out surveys every day as one way of keeping in tune with our customers. Here are some graphs showing what we've learned from them in the past two months. You can mouse over headings to get some more information about a specific graph.

Surveys sent in the past 2 months: 5246
Surveys completed in the past 2 months: 475
Average satisfaction: 8.6
Percent that would recommend Arvixe: 92.42%
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Recent Feedback
10 9-9-2014: Matthew (
"I found Arvixe and haven't looked back. I've had excellent uptime, quality service and all for a price that even the big contenders can't compete with!! Thank you!"
9 9-9-2014: Edith (
"I absolutely love Arvixe over the past 10 yrs I have used Arvixe for my professional and personal needs..I think Arvixe is the perfect blend of having a host with many options for the savvy web developer and the assistance for the amateur."
10 9-8-2014: Maksym (
"I have chosen Arvixe because of the good responds in the Internet, and I'm not disappointed. I like their almost perfect uptime (I saw my site down only once in 2 years and only for 10 minutes or so). I like their fair prices, which don't change for the next years after the first one (my previous provider doubled the price for the second year of hosting). I like to enjoy some free services, for with I had to pay when I used other hosting provider. I like Arvixe's good prices for the domains. I like that Arvixe support team is not only professional and quick, but also courteous, and it really means much! I use Arvixe from Ukraine, but feel like the support team is near me, not across the ocean! Thank you and good luck!"
10 9-7-2014: Andy (
"Everything I need is in one place. I cut my hosting costs in half and get better service. "
9 9-7-2014: Shengrui (
"I have been hosting my website with Arvixe for nearly half a year. And I should say that my choice was right. I enjoy the fabulous customer support as well as the surprising low price."