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We send out surveys every day as one way of keeping in tune with our customers. Here are some graphs showing what we've learned from them in the past two months. You can mouse over headings to get some more information about a specific graph.

Surveys sent in the past 2 months: 7075
Surveys completed in the past 2 months: 643
Average satisfaction: 8.7
Percent that would recommend Arvixe: 92.38%
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Recent Feedback
9 7-25-2014: David (
"Great product, Very fast response time. I recommend them to all my friends"
10 7-25-2014: Glenda (
"I've only been using your services for a month but I'm very impressed with the ease of setup and the pricing. I'm a small Web developer that loves a system that is easy to use and just works with little effort. Your service offers this."
9 7-25-2014: Vladimir (
"Ever since I signed up with you guys I received royal customer service. I signed up as an affiliate account and am referring clients to your services. I would not do that until I personally tested your services. Y'all passed with flying colors!"
10 7-24-2014: Claron (
"I tthik everyone at arvixe is doing great as a team. I can always call and ask a question even if it may seem far fetched. The customer support team goes above and beyond for every call. Personally, I have interacted with at least 10 different customer service reps and they all exceed what I expect. Keep it up arvixe team."
9 7-21-2014: Johnlee (
"I have been tried many hosting services before coming to Arvixe. Everywhere else I faced different issues like poor server performance, bad customer support, limitations in the hosting package, Confusing Control Panels, Billing issues and higher prices. After using Arvixe services for last 3-4 months, I must say that I am fully satisfied. I have suggested Arvixe to my friends."