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VPS Hosting

  • fully loaded With CentOS, cPanel & Softaculous
  • 15k rpm & ssd Drives for Fastest Performance
  • 100% managed by our staff

Our Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting comes standard with rock solid performance that our customers expect along with the exclusive environment offered only by our dedicated servers. Our VPS Hosting plans were designed as a stepping stone between the shared hosting and our dedicated server offering.

Question? Fully Managed
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Dedicated Disk Space
20 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Question? Monthly Data Transfer
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Question? Dedicated Memory
1 GB 1.5 GB 3 GB
Question? CPU Cores
2 4 8
Question? IP Addresses
1 2 2
Question? cPanel/WHM Control Panel
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Pricing
$20.00 / month
$40.00 / month
$70.00 / month
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The following features are provided with your VPS to manage your container and create further accounts and access restrictions.
  VPS Features
Question? CentOS 6 OS
Included Included Included
Question? WebSitePanel CP (VM Mgmt)
Included Included Included
Question? cPanel/WHM Control Panel
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Root Administrative Access
Included Included Included
Question? Domain Reseller Account
Included Included Included
Question? Hosting Accounts
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Question? Private/Anonymous Name Servers
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Virtual DVD Drive
Included Included Included
Question? Hyper-V Technology (Ded. Memory)
Included Included Included
Question? Free Domain Name For Life
Included Included Included
Question? Free SSL Certificate For Life
Included Included Included
Question? Server Location: US or Europe
Included Included Included
Question? RVSiteBuilder Pro
Unavailable $5.00 / month Included
Question? Cloudflare CDN Ready
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Softaculous Script Installer Pro
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Attracta SEO Ready
Unavailable Included Included
$100 Google Adwords Voucher (US & CA only)
Included Included Included
Question? $75 Yahoo! Bing Voucher (US only)
Included Included Included
Question? SSD Drive
$5.00 / month $10.00 / month $20.00 / month
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  Single Account Features
Question? cPanel Control Panel [Demo]
Unavailable Included Included
Question? FREE WHMCS License
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Domain Aliases
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Question? Subdomains
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Question? FTP Accounts
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Question? HTML Editor
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Dreamweaver Compatible
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Adobe GoLive Compatible
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Cron Jobs
Unavailable Included Included
Question? File MIME Types
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Custom Error Pages
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Page Redirects Manager
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Web Disk (WebDAV)
Unavailable Included Included
Question? File Manager
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Weekly R1Soft Backups
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Password Protected Directories
Unavailable Included Included
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Question? Mail Boxes (POP3 & IMAP)
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Question? Secure IMAP & POP3
Included Included Included
Question? Autoresponders
Unavailable Unlimited Unlimited
Question? Forwarders
Unavailable Unlimited Unlimited
Question? Mailman Mailing Lists
Unavailable Unlimited Unlimited
Question? Squirrelmail Webmail
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Horde Webmail
Unavailable Included Included
Question? RoundCube Webmail
Unavailable Included Included
Question? BoxTrapper Spam Blocker
Unavailable Included Included
Question? SpamAssassin Spam Blocker
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Razor, DCC, Pyzor Filters
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Spamhaus & SpamCop Checks
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Catch-All Email Addresses
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Manual Email Filtering
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Domain Keys and SPF
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Ports 26 and 587 Outgoing
Unavailable Included Included
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Question? MySQL 5 Databases
Unavailable Unlimited Unlimited
Question? PostgreSQL Databases
Unavailable Unlimited Unlimited
Question? PHPMyAdmin
Unavailable Included Included
Question? phpPgAdmin
Unavailable Included Included
Question? PHP 4 and 5
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Perl
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Python
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Perl Module Installer
Unavailable Included Included
Question? SSI
Unavailable Included Included
Question? CGI
Unavailable Included Included
Question? SSL/E-commerce Support
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Shared SSL
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Ruby on Rails
Unavailable Included Included
Question? ImageMagick, NetPBM, GD
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Curl, DomXML, mod_rewrite
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Zend Optimizer
Unavailable Included Included
Question? ionCube PHP Loader
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Streaming Audio/Video
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Flash
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Shell Access / SFTP
Included Included Included
Question? Git
Unavailable Included Included
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Question? Awstats Software
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Webalizer Software
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Analog Software
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Error and Referrer Logs
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Raw Access Logs
Unavailable Included Included
Question? Subdomain Stats
Unavailable Included Included
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Question? SAS 70 Type II Certified [Details]
Included Included Included
Question? DDoS Attack Response [Details]
Included Included Included
Question? Secured Entrance/Exit [Details]
Included Included Included
Question? Redundant Carriers [Details]
Included Included Included
Question? Network Monitoring [Details]
Included Included Included
Question? Firewall
Included Included Included
Question? Brute Force Detection
Included Included Included
Question? Nightly Security Updates
Included Included Included
Question? 15K RPM RAID 10 Drives
Included Included Included
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  Addons and Extras
Question? 1GB of Memory
$20.00 / month $20.00 / month $20.00 / month
Question? Dedicated IP Address
$2.00 / month $2.00 / month $2.00 / month
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On top of greater stability and performance, our Linux VPS Hosting customers benefit from full access to their operating system. With full root access, VPS Hosting account holders are able to install custom applications that require administrative access to the system for installation. All VPS accounts are provisioned with the latest software installed and configured to match our high performing shared hosting environment. On top of the pre-installation of all software, the virtual private server comes fully managed by our world class support personnel. The ability to take advantage of the reliability and exclusivity of a dedicated environment at a fraction of the price is what we call the Arvixe Advantage, the advantage of working with the best.

Looking for Windows VPS Web Hosting? Check out our VPSClass ASP Hosting plans here.

Need Help? Click on the question mark icons below beside each feature for more information.

All plans on this page are 100% Windows, Mac and Linux friendly.

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