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Customer Testimonials
As someone who owns multiple domains, ease of use, competent support staff and how quickly they hand...
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The services and support of Arvixe are greatly appreciated in a time of many, few are able to hold u...
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WordPress Hosting FAQ

What Is WordPress?
Wordpress, which originally started as a blogging platform, has now developed into one of the most widely used content management systems(CMS) in the world. Launched in 2003, WordPress has grown to run upwards of 60 million websites. With plugins and themes that expand the functionality and design, WordPress is a top choice for your website.

Is your WordPress hosting restricted?
Our WordPress hosting does not have the restrictions that some other managed WordPress hosting companies have. We are very concerned about the security and performance of our WordPress customers, but we allow your site to have the needed plugins and themes installed.

Pros and Cons of WordPress
There is on major thing about WordPress that makes it a positive and a negative, and that is the wide adoption of WordPress as a content management system. Since it is so widely used, it has a very strong and active community behind it developing new features, functionality, and designs. However, with that size, WordPress is a popular target for hackers and spammers. The WordPress community is always launching new updates to thwart these issues.

Testimonials from Real Arvixe WordPress Users:

Customer Testimonials
thx for the service, i ve send all my clients to you cause you are reliable, keep it up!
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thank you for doing a good job
Rodney www.arvixe.com
Very great services. I'm very happy with everything.
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