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Testimonials from Real Arvixe WordPress Users:

Customer Testimonials
Without a doubt, the best host on the 'net. I am impressed with the rapid responses, knowledge of te...
Victoria pmactree.com
Arvixe's technical support personnel are very confident and knowledgeable about their products and s...
Marlon bmtt.org
Arvixe has always rocked, and always will. I can tell from various interactions with your staff that...
Dana replikator...
I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of Arvixe. The one great thing about them is that I...
Roger northeast-cc.com
Hello Arvixe people.I use your services for some time right now, but in one word, the services are ...
Marc hotgirlsbigboobs.com
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WordPress Hosting Reviews

The best way to pick a WordPress hosting company is to read what real customers have to say. Arvixe is always seeking feedback on how we've performed for our customers. See what real reviews of our hosting services:

Great .Net hosting at an amazing price - cannot find similar value anywhere else!
08/04/2014 Kevin computerqueen.net
Before Arvixe, Cybersite was the most reliable service available in terms of uptime/stability, hard ... Click for Full Review
03/03/2014 Lie Pieng deranthyllis.com
I am always happy of UNLIMITATION in Arvixe.com :)
09/13/2013 Mehrdad codesells.com
After dealing with three incompetent web hosts finding Arvixe has been such a relief! Your support m... Click for Full Review
10/05/2014 Michael suijurisme.com
You have a great service support. Quickly all support questions has been solved.
06/14/2013 Jose Luis www.arvixe.com
I am very satisfied with the service and prices from your company. Every time I have needed assista... Click for Full Review
05/02/2013 Ben active365.org
Even though I have had your service for almost 2 years now, I just started actually using it. :) Thi... Click for Full Review
09/16/2013 Cole coleknight.net
One if the best cost effective Web hosts. You're always honest when you 're experiencing minor disru... Click for Full Review
05/22/2014 Eugene coolguysdo...
You're great. Very good service and support.
05/20/2013 Shahnawaz isoulonline.org
I love the the performance of my sites and feel the software is always updated to give us new featur... Click for Full Review
05/15/2013 John emmausroadsociety.org
The customer service is the reason why I am comning back, anyone can provide a web host but not ever... Click for Full Review
06/15/2013 Tu www.arvixe.com
overall arvixe support and server is the best..
05/25/2013 vincentius www.arvixe.com
Arvixe seems great so far! Can't complain!
08/27/2013 Andy andymartha.com
I have had the unfortunate luck of hosing with other providers and while the customer support of 1 i... Click for Full Review
07/29/2013 Gregor www.arvixe.com
The folks in Support at Arvixe make the entire process worth while. After experiencing the complete ... Click for Full Review
08/24/2013 Jack jackhelmhosting.com
My experience with Arvixe has been totally positive.
11/13/2013 Susan www.arvixe.com
After using more than a dozen hosting services in the past five years, we finally got what we were n... Click for Full Review
05/13/2013 Shah Nawaz igccsl.com
I have a great experience with Arvixe.
07/17/2013 Man Lung hotjuicygirl.com
Appreciate fast response to emails. I am the definition of newbie. Zero website or coding experienc... Click for Full Review
05/04/2013 Christina 8thdeadlysin.com
currently the best and long is Arvixe, I recommend Arvixe as a consultant to many companies
01/20/2014 Mario dubini.com.ar
You've given me great support thank you!
08/23/2013 Walter www.arvixe.com
I really consider Arxvie as one of the top web hosting providers, because of their flexible and just... Click for Full Review
06/21/2014 John Paul revivemesa...
I have been with your company now about a year and a half, and have had nothing but outstanding supp... Click for Full Review
09/15/2013 David faithbook777.com
I have had a hosting account with Arvixe since November of 2011 and have had very little downtime at... Click for Full Review
08/12/2013 William www.arvixe.com
Arvixe is an excellent service
05/09/2013 Ariel aridolan.com

Testimonials from Real Arvixe WordPress Users:

Customer Testimonials
I have been extremely pleased with the high quality and over the top customer service that I have re...
Craig integritec...
I was recommended Arvixe 3+ years ago and haven't regretted the decision to host a couple of website...
Kristina junkfoodfr...
Great services and very reasonable prices, especially looking everything provided!
Kevin kcwareok.com
After previous relationships with 1&1 and Network Solutions, I was not expecting much with Arvixe. I...
Stan exixx.com
Even though I have had your service for almost 2 years now, I just started actually using it. :) Thi...
Cole coleknight.net