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Recent Reviews
9-23-2015: Trevor (
"I have used four hosting companies in the past - none have offered the services Arvixe offers and none have offered the extent of services Arvixe offers. To explain what I mean - Arvixe offers direct access to domain registration information. I control it all, I am able to see all my info, edit as I want, add as I want, etc. The user interfaces are clear and user-friendly - I don't need to call support - it is all there, clearly stated, easy to read, easy to understand. And I am a N00B - not an experienced user - so I would highly recommend Arvixe to ANYONE to wants to host a website. Everything you need is in one place, easy to read and understand (sorry to repeat myself, but you get the picture :))"
9-21-2015: Severino (
"Hi, Honestly this is the first time that I set-up my personal website. I have worked with web applications for quite sometime but managing server, hosting etc, is still a foreign concept to me. So I made my research, found a bunch of blogs that show the differences among hosting providers. And from there, I found out that you offered the cheapest packages and the services where almost the same, if not better than the hosts that I have been working on. So, I made my purchase, and I can personally say it's worth every dime. The emails that you sent were all very helpful. Though I haven't used most of the services that you offer, but seeing the updates and emails you sent actually makes me feel a lot better on working with my own site. Once I am done with my site, I am looking forward to using the services that you offered. Thanks, Savant Coder"
9-20-2015: Sameer (
"Would say keep it up,Continue supporting the customer the way you are supporting now. You are doing Great !!! :) Thanks, Sameer Ahmed.S "
9-18-2015: Ted (
"You guys offer a great service for a great price and I appreciate it. I'd like to see improvements to help documents. I know it's possible, but I can't figure out from the help pages how to create subdomains."
9-18-2015: Tony (
"excellent services, excellent uptime, excellent price!"

Web Hosting Reviews

Why They're Part of the Qualities a Web Host Should Have

Choosing a web hosting company is like choosing a person to trust with your very livelihood. Financial information, personal data, company schematics, collaborative projects and even things as seemingly simple as your website are all at stake, which means that you need a host you can rely upon to be there and to provide you with the quality of service you desire.

When it comes to picking the best hosting provider, there are a few metrics that you can use to weigh potential hosts before you start using them. Everything from their promised uptime to the packages they provide can give you an invaluable insight pertaining to how reliable a company is.

Let's take a quick look at everything a trusted hosting provider should have before exploring the most important metric: reviews from clients whom have used that company's hosting services.

What Should a Hosting Company Have?
Your host performs irreplaceable services for you. They ensure that your website is accessible, runs smoothly, and provides the services that you agree upon in your contract with them.

That's why one mistake in choosing the wrong web host can mean disaster for everything you're trying to build.

Ensuring that your web host is reliable and will help you reach your goals is as simple as opening your eyes to look for a few key qualities. If your web host is missing any of the following traits, then you may want to think about switching to a more reliable host like Arvixe web hosting.

Without a doubt, reliability is the most prominent thing that you will want with your web host. You want your website to be down as little as possible to ensure as many people can interact with your website, especially during peak hours.

To that end, there's a distinct difference between hosting that stays up 99%, 99.9%, 99.99% and 99.999% of the time. 99% uptime equates to 87.6 hours of downtime a year, 99.9% to 8.78 hours a year, 99.99% to 53 minutes a year and 99.999% to 5.26 minutes a year.

That means choosing a more reliable host can mean your website is down for just minutes a year.

The Right Packages
Hosting packages should be designed to fit a variety of purposes. Your host should be able to provide you with as small of a package as you want or one so big that it covers all the needs that even a large corporation might want.

What should be included in your host's packages? The following is just a short list of qualities your host needs:

  • Unlimited or a Large Amount of Bandwidth
  • Sizable File Storage
  • A Database like MySQL and Tools to Maintain It like PHPMyAdmin
  • A Professional Website builder
  • An Application that Installs Software like WordPress for You
  • Webmail
  • The Ability to Use Cloud Services for Content

It's worth noting that not all providers will carry packages with all these features. Bandwidth, file storage and database availability are the three basic things any modern web host should have as a minimum.

Additional Hosting Features
Features are another important quality that web hosts should provide. Domains with your packages, website builders, additional software and web control panels that allow you to customize every aspect of your hosting are imperative to your website's success.

The Most Important Quality: Real Customer Reviews
The one quality that trumps every other listed here is the availability of real reviews from customers whom have used the prospective hosting company.

They will provide you with the best idea of how awesome or lackluster a host might be.

The reasoning as to why real customer reviews are so important revolves around one simple fact: they're reviews from people like you. They might have more experience, less technical knowledge or a different set of morals that allows them to perceive the host's services differently.

When these untainted, unfiltered reviews are available for you to read, you can really get a grasp of how satisfactory a web host is.

That's why Arvixe includes real customer reviews in addition to easy-to-understand pages detailing features, packages, guaranteed uptime and anything else you could ever want to know about our hosting. We even go a step further than most other companies by allowing you to contact us any time with any questions that might not have been answered, which means that we work with you before and while you're one of our customers.