Redundant Power Generators


Performance is integral to the success of your website. At Arvixe, we utilize cutting edge hardware and software solutions to provide you with the best possible performance for your website. The most powerful hardware, fully segregated VPS solutions, and latest optimization technologies, are just a small sample of what we provide on each and every account. Why settle for anything less?

Bleeding edge hardware Slow website = less traffic

Included Solution: Bleeding edge hardware

With all customer data stored on the latest 15k RPM SCSI drives in raid 10, SSD raid arrays for system services and processes, each server with a minimum of 92 gigabytes of ram, up to 256 gigabytes, and the latest Intel Xeon E5620 processors, ensures the best possible environment for your website.

All server services, Mysql/MSSQL, PHP/.NET, Apache/IIS, and mail servers all run on SSD drives in raid 10 which ensures faster speeds than any of our competition.

RAID 10 also places your data across several drives to increase redundancy in case of hardware failure.

Our VPS Customers, benefit from the same hardware as above (with an SSD option available) in a direct attached hard drive setup achieving significantly higher iops than 99% of the competition.

Server Wide Optimization Included Solution: Server Wide Optimization

We employ the latest technologies to provide the best possible environment for our customers. Not only do you receive the best possible hardware, in addition to server side optimization, your account starts with an edge over the competition.


Using cloudflare global content delivery, Your website is on the cloud and accessible locally from anywhere across the globe.


Windows server 2012 is built from the cloud up for reliability and unprecedented performance. Each site is cached to memory, creating blazing fast load times, and making read/write bottlenecks a thing of the past.

Included Solution: Server Segregation Server Segregation

Separating your site from other customers on a shared environment is not only a security concern. We utilize the latest segregation solutions to provide you with the most stable solution possible. Security, Stability, and Performance included in every product.


With state-of-the-art segregation software separating each user into their own rooted environment, not only does each account gain a level of security, but also unmatched performance and reliability.


Dedicated application pools separate your site from each site on your account, and server. This provides a more stable environment, and the best possible performance for your site.


Only Hyper-V provides dedicated resources for your virtual server. No longer will you share essential system resources with other containers, With Hyper-V you have a truly segregated VPS solution. Ram, CPU, network speed, and Disk I/O are directly allocated to each VPS. With server attached storage, and fully optimized servers, our VPS solution is truly unmatched.

Want even more speed? VPS orders can be provisioned on the actual SSD array, offering even more cutting edge performance.

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