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Set Up Email in Thunderbird 91

Before you set up your Thunderbird to receive your mail, you will need to follow the instructions to this article: Set Up an Email Address in cPanel.

Setting Up your Email in Thunderbird 91

  1. On the Thunderbird Existing Email Setup page, do the following:
    • Enter your Full Name (this will be the name that will show on the email sent).
    • Enter your email address and its password. 
  2. Click on the Configure Manually link.
  3. On the Manual Configuration Section, depending on if you like to set up your email using IMAP or POP3, use the following settings:
    • Incoming Server Ports
      POP/ POP3: 993
    • Outgoing Server Ports
      IMAP: 465
      POP/ POP3: 465
    • Connection Security
      Incoming: SSL/ TLS
      Outgoing: SSL/ TLS or None
    • Hostname: .example.com (Both for Incoming and Outgoing Servers)
  4. In the Outgoing server, make sure to select No Authentication Method from the dropdown.
  5. Click Done.

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