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Account Ordering Explained

You may find some of the ordering steps or options available confusing. This article will attempt to explain all of the features and possibilities for you. Here is how you order an account with us.

  1. Go to http://arvixe.com/.
  2. Click the type of Hosting Account plan that you want from the top of the page.
  3. Click "Order Now" next to the desired Hosting Account plan you want. (Please make sure you to order the correct plan. Class or Pro means Linux. If it says Class ASP / Class Pro ASP , that means its Windows.)

The categories below the plans (Management, E-mail, Development, etc.) indicate which features the plan includes, and the limits on that feature.

Legend Keys:

*1 = Personal Class is Personal Class Linux. With Linux, you get cPanel.
*2 = Personal Class ASP is Personal Class Windows. With Windows, you get Website Panel.

We offer Linux and Windows for every plan.

What's the difference between Personal, Business, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Class?

Personal Class - This is the first plan you go to if you are new to Web Hosting. Your Disk Space and Bandwidth are unmetered. This is a Shared Server and you share the server with many clients. It can handle 100,000 visitors a month and 100-200 users online concurrently. It also varies if you are using any Plugins, Scripts, Themes, etc.

*Personal Class ASP and Personal Class ASP Pro has 400MB of Memory. Please refer to this link for memory limits:

Business Class - This is a upgrade from Personal Class (You can purchase this plan instead of Personal Class if you want to). This server performs a lot faster than the Personal Class as its more expensive and has less users on the server. Your Disk Space and Bandwidth are unmetered. This is a Shared Server and you share the server with many clients as a Personal Class. It can handle 200,000 visitors a month and 200-500 users online concurrently. It also varies if you are using any Plugins, Scripts, Themes, etc.

*Business Class ASP and Business Class ASP Pro has 800MB of Memory. Please refer to this link for memory limits:

Reseller Class- This plan allows you to resell your web space to your clients. You create your own plans in WHM if its a Linux plan. For a Windows plan, you get a Website Panel and you can create your own plans there. If you pass your Disk Space and Bandwidth, you will need to upgrade your plan. You do not get ROOT access. Reseller is on a Shared Server so you're sharing the server with many clients as Personal and Business Class. We do not do Resold Support. You would need to contact us for Support, not your clients. You get a Domain Reseller Account with this also. You can register your own name servers.

*Reseller Class ASP has 300MB of Memory. Please refer to this link for memory limits:

VPS Class- This plan gives you dedicated resources for your server. This is not a Shared Server. You can resell webspace to your clients like Reseller Class. If you pass your Disk Space limit, you would need to upgrade to a VPS Class Pro then to a Dedicated Server. We do not sell additional Disk Space on a VPS. You get a Domain Reseller Account and can register your own name  servers. You get ROOT access and can install any software you would like on your server. If you want additional RAM, you would need to upgrade to a VPS Class Pro / VPS Class ASP Pro. If you still want an additional RAM, we sell 1GB of RAM for $30 / month. VPS's are managed.

Dedicated Class - We have Single Processor and Multi Processor servers. Dedicated Class gives you dedicated resources and its your own server. You can do whatever you want on your Dedicated Server. You can install software as you have ROOT access. Dedicated Servers - we will have your server setup and ready for you as quickly as possible depending on the chosen settings!

Whats the difference between Class and Class Pro?

On Personal and Business Class, you can only host 6 websites - Yes, 6 websites under one Hosting Account!

On Personal and Business Class Pro, you can host unlimited websites - Yes, unlimited websites under one Hosting Account!

There is also no resource upgrades between Class and Pro. The only difference is the domains you get to host.

On Reseller and VPS Class you can host as many websites as you want as long as you don't pass the Disk Space and Bandwidth (Bandwidth only applies to Reseller Class).

Following from Step 3:

After you click "Order Now", we provide you a page if you still want to choose between Class or Class Pro. The  payment terms are on default for 2 years as we provide you a discount. We don't do contracts. If you want to change your plan, we'll issue you credit for unused days. Click the drop down menu and you can choose a payment term that you wish to have. After you do that, click "Add to Cart". (.GIF below):

4) On Step 2 of 4:BILLING] Click " I am a new customer." Now, you'll be on the page where you fill in your Billing Information.

Fill in your Billing Information. The IP Address you can't change. Its detected from your Computer and your network. The Billing Login Information (Username and Password) is very important. We always ask the last 4 characters of your billing password to verify that you are the account owner for security purposes. You also use the username and password to log into http://billing.arvixe.com/ to  update your Contact Information, pay for your Hosting Account, update your Credit Card Information, manage your name servers for your domain its hosted by us, access your cPanel for your Hosting Account, and more!

Click "I agree to the Acceptable Use Policy, Terms of Service." after you read it.

5) You're now on Step 3 of 4: PRODUCT CONFIG. This is where you can Register/transfer/point a domain to Arvixe.

You get a free domain with any plan except for a Marketing Class or Dedicated Class. (Marketing Class is only if you wish to do mass emailing. You can send out 1000 emails / hour. It's $14.95 / month and there are no refunds).

You can order a Marketing Class plan here: Email Marketing Hosting

If you want to transfer a domain to us and already have a free domain, the transfer fee is $7.95 (You also get an additional year to your domains Expiration Date). After the domain is about to expire, it costs $9.95 to renew the domain. If you dont already have a free domain, you can transfer it to us for free, and you also get an additional year to your domains Expiration Date). You get a free domain with us as long as you have a Hosting Account with us. You can register a domain with us for free if you dont have a free domain with us either. If you have a free domain already, then the domain will cost $9.95 / year.

"Point a domain at Arvixe" - that means if you already own a domain but want to leave it at your Domain Registrar, you can just update the name servers (Once your Hosting Account gets set up, you will recieve an email for the Hosting Account Information and it includes your FTP Information, name servers, etc.) and then the domain propagation can take up to 48 hours to propagate. So you can put the domain that you already own in that respective field where it says "Point a domain at Arvixe".

Hosting Login Information - This is for your cPanel or Website Panel for Linux. The username and password you choose is what you'll be using for your cPanel or Website Panel. It is highly recommended to have your Billing Username and Billing Password different from your Hosting Login Information due to security purposes.

Auto-Renew - This means if you have a Credit Card on file or you want to pay by Paypal subscription, each time your Hosting Account is about to renew (You pay first then get service, so you'll see your plan is a month ahead), there will be a payment made from your Credit Card on file or Paypal subscription. You need to check this off for your Credit Card or Paypal subscription to renew. If you don't want Auto Renew on now, you can always turn it on later by going to http://billing.arvixe.com/, click "Hosting Accounts" and click "Turn On for your Auto Renew". you can also refer to this article: https://support.arvixe.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/202/0/how-to-enable-auto-renew-on-your-account


Automatic Software Installation - Check it off and then pick a Software that you want and it'll automatically install it for you. You'll get an email for your Login information right after your Hosting Account sets up.

Dedicated IP- Dedicated IP is used for a SSL. SSL is for if you have a business, SSL is used to encrypt the payments from Credit Cards. If you use Paypal for your payments, you dont need a SSL.

SSL Certificate - Its for encrypting the payments from Credit Cards from your customers. We do a free installation for you. SSL can be used on any of our plans.

Private Tomcat (Linux) - You get access to the tomcat manager. You will also have full access to the tomcat folder to fully alter the conf files. However, please note that our expertise in assisting you with such configurations is limited and if such changes do cause issues, our only course of action is a full re-installation of the private tomcat from scratch.

If you need to add a war file to tomcat, then simply upload it to public_html (which is the webapps path) and it will be deployed automatically. You can access it at http://domain.com:port/WAR/- To access the war file over port 80, you will need to contact us to add mappings for that war file. We will then add /WAR/* to apache mappings and that folder will then be parsed by tomcat

You can also reboot the Private Tomcat on your own.

Shared Tomcat (Linux) - This is for Java. You cant reboot it on your own. You would need to contact Support for this.

The Tomcat Add-Ons does not work on our ASP hosting plans.

6) Click "Next".
7) Click "Place an order".

It normally takes 10 minutes for your Hosting Account to get set up.

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