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Clearing your Internet Cache

When viewing a website, it is saved to your computer in the cache so that it can be loaded faster, if you were to return to it. The problem that can be created is if changes are made to your website (loaded a new home page, or changing where the domain is pointed) sometimes the website doesn't show the changes. This may be because the website is being loaded from the cache. Here is how to clear the cache so that the web page will be loaded from the server, and not your computer. All these are done with the browser open.


In the toolbar at the top of the screen click on Tools, it is next to Help. Go down to "Clear Private Data" and click on it. Make sure Cache is selected with a check mark and all other boxes are not selected. Click Clear Private Data Now and the data is cleared.

Internet Explorer 7

Clcik Tools, selecting Internet Options. Under the General tab next to Browsing History click Delete.  After the new window opens, click Delete Files in the Temporary Internet Files section.


Click on the Safari menu, selecting Empty Cache. Confirm by clicking Empty in the window that pops up.


In the tool bar click on Tools and select Delete Private Data from the menu. Click on Details. Remove the check marks on the items you do not want to delete. Leave cache checked. Press the Delete button.

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