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How can I see my past notifications

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We always send emails to customers using the email address they have placed in their billing account when they signed up (or for that matter, the one they have on file at the time of sending the email, since that email can be updated by customers).

To view these past notifications (emails) we sent you, in case you don't have access to your email mailbox right now, do this:

  • Go to billing.arvixe.com and login with your billing username and password.
  • On the right, click on the blue link called "Past Notifications".
  • Find the Past Notification you wish to view and click on it to see its content (a common email that customers request are the Hosting Account Information email).

"Past Notifications" are email sent to you and kept there for historical reasons and for your review. Please make sure you whitelist our email addresses sales [at] arvixe.com, support [at] arvixe.com and domains [at] arvixe.com ; and make sure your email on your billing account is up-to-date and is an email you read regularly.

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