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How to take a Manual Backup via cPanel

1. Login to your cPanel (usually domain.com/cpanel or cpanel.domain.com).

2. Click the Backup icon, under the Files section.
3. Click the button titled Download a Full Website Backup.
4. The Backup Destination needs to be Home Directory.
(Advanced: If you have a separate server with FTP access, you may send your backup to that space by selecting Remote FTP Server).
5. The easiest way to know when the backup is complete is to allow cPanel to send you an email when it is done. Make any corrections needed to the email address listed.
6. (Advanced Option: If backing up to a Remote FTP Server, you will need to enter the FTP information for that second server. If you do not have this, contact the hosting company who provides the server. If you do not know the port number, you may leave it blank. If a directory isn't chosen, backups will be sent to the root level where your FTP user has access).
7. Click the Generate Backup button.
8. All done! You will see a Full Backup in Progress message which states that the backup will need time to finish. If you followed these steps, you will receive an email when the backup is complete. You can also click Go Back on the cPanel page and see the status of the progress. You can repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 to check the status of the progress anytime.

 After the backup is complete!

    • The email will arrive from [email protected] have the subject "Full Backup Completed". Inside the email is server output which you don't need to read, but the very last line does indicate the name and location of the backup file.
    • If you followed these steps, the full backup is now available in your Home directory (the area outside of your public_html folder). You can login to cPanel and click the File Manager icon and choose the Home Directory option and click GO to see and download your backup file.
    • IMPORTANT NOTICE: You cannot restore this kind of backup via cPanel. The restore can only be done by the user "root" via WHM, which is only provided to VPS Class and Dedicated Class plans. We can even restore a cPanel from a Full Backup made at a different hosting company!

Is it possible to automatically take backups?

    • Automated Backups can only be done by the user "root" via WHM, which is only provided to VPS Class and Dedicated Class plans. If you have Personal Class, Business Class, or Reseller Class, do not worry; all of those plans have automated backups which are performed daily and saved in our Idera (R1Soft) backup system (includes databases, emails, and web files).

Is it possible to backup one website or folder and optionally restore it under a different name (e.g. clone a website)?

    • The cPanel backup tool does not do this; instead, you can make copies of folders via File Manager or FTP.


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