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IMAP or POP3 with SSL

How to configure your email to use IMAP or POP3 with SSL

Secure email connections using SSL, requires replacing the regular mail server mail.example.com with the server’s hostname in cPanel.  Plesk accounts on shared servers(PersonalClass, BusinessClass, and ResellerClass) will need to use the secure hostnames in following format:

Plesk Shared Plans: ws#securemail.win.arvixe.com (e.g. If your hosting package is on ws4.win.arvixe.com you will use ws4.securemail.win.arvixe.com)

Plesk Reseller Plans: rs#securemail.win.arvixe.com (e.g. If you hosting package is on dallas100.arvixeshared.com you will use rs100securemail.win.arvixe.com)

Secure Ports for IMAP or POP3

  • Secure POP3 – port 995
  • Secure IMAP – port 993

Secure Outgoing Ports for IMAP or POP3

The outgoing mail will always using the SMTP protocol, weather using IMAP or POP3

  • Secure SMTP – port 465

Make sure that your computer’s firewall is not blocking the ports above as this can cause the ports to not work correctly.  If you cannot send from port 26 or port 465, we recommend that you contact your ISP and ask for their outgoing mail server.

SSL Warning

When not using the secure connection settings for email, you will receive an error about the SSL certificate when the certificates are renewed or reissued. The error can be fixed by updating the email settings with the server name.

If you do not want to update your email configuration, you may skip the warning about the validity of your connection’s SSL certificate by adding an exception or trusting the certificate.

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