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Imposed memory limit in Windows servers

Q: Is there a CPU/memory limit/restriction for Windows Plans?
A: Yes. 300MB for Reseller Class, 600MB for Personal Class ASP and 800MB for Business Class ASP. More detailed information is provided here

Q: What will happen if I hit the memory limit?
A: If the worker process exceeds the private memory quota, IIS will recycle that pool which limits the memory usage. Your active sessions to the website may get expired(to bypass this, ASP NET Session State can be used). If your site works on authentication you will be asked to login again.

Q: How can I check the memory limit for my site?
A: Run your site in your local or test machine with the limits and try to optimize the codes. If the limit of 350MB is exceeded you should get Business Class, else you can go for Personal Class.

Q: What if my site exceeds the 800MB limit in Business Class?
A: We can increase the worker process to 2 if you are in a Business Class server. If the number of worker processes are increased, the load will be evenly shared across both the WP processes.

Q: What are your recycle intervals for application pools on Windows plans?
A: The recycle interval is currently set to 1440 minutes (24 hours).

Q: What is the idle timeout set to for application pools? 
A: The idle timeout is set to 60 minutes on Personal and Reseller class servers, and 120 minutes on Business Class ASP servers. 

Arvixe employs the highest limits in the industry regarding Pool Memory limits. If your site memory usage is still high, you should consider getting a dedicated server where you can use unmetered memory for your website.

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