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Making DNS Record Changes in cPanel

ATTENTION: Do not attempt to modify these fields unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing! This tutorial will provide a bit of background on each type of record, but is not for beginners. Please contact Arvixe support if you are not 100% comfortable with these actions and their consequences.


First, let’s look at what each record type means. Then, where to access the editor pages.


There are three types or records that Arvixe’s cPanel software allows you to modify.

A records are what translate your website’s URL into an IP address. An example of a A-record would be “www.google.com –>”. More info here.

CNAME records translate one URL into another. For example, “ftp.domain.com –> domain.com” would be practical if your server had both FTP and HTTP functions (like your Arvixe server does). More info here.

TXT records are places to store arbitrary text information. Most commonly used to validate the source of emails and other communications, so that other senders can’t fake their email address to look like someone else. You don’t really need to be touching this, though. More info can be found here.

Now that the definitions are settled, let’s see where we can access and change there records.

  1. Log into your hosting account cPanel. Access methods:
    • cpanel.yourdomain.com
    • yourdomain.com/cpanel
    • yourserver.arvixe.com
    • log into billing.arvixe.com and click “hosting accounts” on the right. Expand hosting plan of choice with [+] icon, press Login button
  2. In the search box to the left, type “DNS”.
  3. On the right, your results should be similar to below. Note: over time, this will change as we add or consolidate features. 

The Simple Editor only shows user-defined DNS records, while the advanced editor shows all DNS records, including ones created when your account was setup. I recommend using the Simple Editor; if it does not accomplish what you need, then consult with us. NOTE: TXT Records can only be edited from the advanced editor.

You can also access other domain-specific tools by not using the search box, and scrolling to the Domain section of cPanel.

This concludes how to modify DNS records for your Arvixe account via cPanel.

Thanks, and happy hosting!

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