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Resetting Admin Password - NopCommerce

To reset the admin password for nopcommerce, the easiest way to do so is click "Login" on the top of your NopCommerce installation, then click "Forgot Password". When you do not have access to the email address of the account, you can simply do the following:
1) Create a new account on your NopCommerce site
2) Remotely connect with MSSQL to the database of your NopCommerce
3) Open the "Customers" table, find the new user you made, and modify "isadmin" and "ismoderator" to "true". This will set the new user you made as administrator.

Some of the table names or column names may differ from version to version, but the steps will always be very similar. Now that you have the right user/pass, you can find the instructions for logging in below.

1) Go to:


2) Click "Login" on the top.

3)Use the following username and password:
username/email: [email protected]
password: admin

4)That should let you in. As you can see, there is an "Administration" button on the top right which will take you to the admin section to manage your store.

As discussed over phone, this sort of knowledge is outside our training or scope of support, however you were unable to login and I hope this will get you started to where you want to go with this. Past logging in, unfortunately our knowledge of how to use nopcommerce is limited. As recommended, I would suggest using the documentation at nopcommerce's site and community.

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