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The New Paper Lantern Theme at Arvixe

We are happy to inform you that we will be upgrading your account to the newest version of cPanel. Along with this update, your dashboard will automatically be switched to the newest theme for cPanel, "Paper Lantern", as x3 is no longer supported by cPanel. We will be rolling the updates to our servers; no action is required on your part, and you will not experience any downtime during this process. You may soon start seeing the new enhanced experience when logging into your cPanel.

Here are some of the new features and upgrades you can expect to see:

  • New "Paper Lantern" theme features a simplified responsive design with improved navigation, so you can find what you need faster.
  • PHPMyAdmin Upgrades improves performance managing MySQL Databases.
  • Email account spam threshold allows you to set unique SpamAssassin configurations on individual email accounts.
  • Improved load times and stability allows you to keep working on what matters most -- your website.

cPanel also offers a retro X3 theme that you can find by using the theme selection drop-down on the right-hand side.

New Features

  • Site Publisher - Quickly create a HTML5 website
  • BoxTrapper - Reduces spam emails by requiring a verification email
  • Email Disk Usage - View the disk space for all email accounts
  • SiteLock - Manage the SiteLock security product
  • Application Manager - Deploy Ruby applications
  • MultiPHP INI Editor - Configure a php.ini file for a domain’s document root
  • User Manager - Manage various users of the cPanel account

Renamed and Moved Features

Old Name New Name Current Category
Network Tools Track DNS Advanced
Index Manager Indexes Advanced
Parked Domains Aliases Domains
Advanced DNS Zone Editor Zone Editor Domains
MX Entry Email Routing Email
Account-Level Filtering Global Email Filters Email
User-Level Filtering Email Filters Email
Email Authenication Authentication Email
Import Addresses and Forwarders Address Importer Email
Apache SpamAssassin Spam Filters Email
GnuPG Keys* Encryption Email
Calendars and Contacts Client Configuration Calendars and Contacts Email
Image Manager* Images Files
Password Protect Directories* Directory Privacy Files
Disk Space Usage Disk Usage Files
Latest Visitors Visitors Metrics
Error Log Errors Metrics
Raw Access Logs Raw Access Metrics
Choose Log Programs Metrics Editor Metrics
Update Contact Information Contact Information Preferences
SSH Shell Access SSH Access Security
IP Address Deny Manager IP Blocker Security
Softaculous QuickInstall Software
PHP Selector MultiPHP Manager Software
Features marked with * were previously located in another category.
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