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Transfer a reseller account to Arvixe

Q: I have a Linux (cPanel) reseller account with another hosting company and would like to transfer that to Arvixe. Will you help me?
A: Yes! All you need to do a Full cPanel Backup at your old hosting company, or your reseller cPanel and your customers and either push them via FTP to your new hosting space at Arvixe or leave them there and email support [at] arvixe.com and send us the ftp details so we can download them for you. Then we'll restore them here and set it up.

Q: How do I do the cPanel backup?
A: You login to your cPanel -> Files -> Backups -> Under the Full Backup click on Download or Generate a Full Web Site Backup. Choose to leave it in the Home Directory and later give us the logins to the FTP so we can download it. Or, to speed things up, login to Arvixe and download it yourself if you know how to.

Remember to do the Full Backup for yourself and all your customers too!

This is done a free courtesy service for customers. Don't the backups yourself and pushing them to Arvixe's hosting space will just make this process go faster.

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