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Transferring an SSL certificate to Arvixe

If you already have an SSL certificate at your old hosting company, you can transfer that to Arvixe.

For Linux servers, you will need to contact your old provider and have them send you the actual
SSL certificate and the private key that was created when the certificate signing request (CSR) was generated.


It's impossible to install a certificate on a server where there is no private key file. These are required.
Once you have these two things, we can install the certificate on your account.

For any SSL certificate you will possibly need a dedicated IP address. (We'll try to install the certificate without one first.)

For Windows, you will need to contact your old host, and have them export the SSL certificate via IIS
as a PFX file.  Upload the .pfx file to your hosting space and send us the path and password to [email protected].

If you do not have the private key (Linux) or can not get the .pfx (ASP) then please provide the following information so we can generate a CSR for you:

Domain:  (www.domain.com will cover domain.com and www.domain.com)
State:  (unabbreviated)
Country:  (two-letter ISO country code)
Company Name:
Company Division:

With the new CSR, your certificate authority can re-issue the certificate so that it matches the key generated (when we generated the CSR) on our server.

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