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Want to Buy an SSL Certificate?

Edit: Effective 8/28/2015 Arvixe is no longer offering free shared SSL certificates. Please contact support with any questions you may have.

First, we have written an article to address the question Do I Need a Dedicated IP Address?

A one-year domain-validated SSL certificate is $25.  Some of our hosting plans come with one such certificate for free:  BusinessClass, VPSClass and DedicatedClass (and their ASP equivalents).

We require the following information to generate the CSR, and ultimately order the certificate.

Domain:  (www.domain.com will cover domain.com and www.domain.com)
State:  (unabbreviated)
Country:  (two-letter ISO country code)
Company Name:
Company Division:

If you already have your own certificate, we will install it for free.

You can email [email protected] with the above information and we will process your request ASAP.

Please include your Arvixe username with your request.

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