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Wildcard SSL Certificates

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

A Wildcard SSL Certificate enables SSL encryption on multiple subdomains using a single certificate. Subdomains on the certificate must all share the same primary domain.

For instance, example.comwww.example.comblog.example.comstore.example.com, and billing.example.com could all be secured using the same wildcard SSL as they all use the same primary domain. However, billing.yoursitesdomain.com could not be used with this certificate, as it is using a different primary domain.

Why Use a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

On our servers, an SSL certificate requires a single unique IP address to correctly encrypt data. Both cPanel and Windows hosting packages are only able to have a single IP address per control panel preventing the use of multiple SSLs per control panel.

A standard SSL will only cover a single specific domain, while a Wildcard SSL will allow you to cover multiple subdomains while continuing to host them all on a single control panel.

How Much is a Wildcard SSL?

Wildcard SSL certificates start at $149 per year.

How Do I Get a Wildcard SSL?

If you are interested in securing a wildcard certificate for your domain, please email ssl -[at]- arvixe.com


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