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WebsitePanel Overview

WebsitePanel (WSP) is an open-source software that is specifically designed to work on Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS). This article will go over the basics of getting started with your new WebsitePanel and link you to other helpful articles to help you get to know what you can do.

How to Log into your Control Panel (Hosting Space)

The first thing you will want to do is log into your control panel (AKA Hosting Space). This section will walk you through the different URLs you can use to access your control panel with the username, password, and server name from your welcome email.  

If you have pointed your domain to your server, you may use cp.yourdomain.com to access your Control Panel.  If the domain is not yet pointed to your server, you can user the server name or the server IP address, provided in the welcome email, to access your control panel.

  • https://servername.arvixe.com

WebsitePanel Control Panel Functions

The Control Panel in WebsitePanel is known as the Hosting Space. The hosting space provides useful hosting management features via icons in the center of the screen.

  • Domains:  Allows management of domain functions (forwarding, aliases) and DNS. Also gives tools for.
  • Web: Provides tools for creating, modifying, deleting websites, setting up hosting features, provide web statistics, etc.
  • FTP Accounts:  Provides access to create and modify FTP accounts.
  • File Manager:  Opens the File Manager, for creation, editing and management of files and folders.
  • Databases:  Provides access to create MySQL and MS SQL databases, as well as a web editor to manage MySQL databases.
  • Mail:  Used for creating, modifying, and deleting e-mail addresses and mailing lists.
  • Web App Gallery:  Provides access to functionality for installing, configuring, and removing web applications.
  • Scheduled Tasks:  Provides access to functionality for create and modify automated tasks/scripts.
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