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Getting Started With Windows Plesk

Plesk is the powerful control panel software we provide on all of our newly provisioned Windows shared servers. This article will go over the basics of getting started with your new Plesk control panel and link you to other helpful articles to help you get to know what you can do:

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Locating and Accessing your Plesk Control Panel

The first thing you will want to do is to log into your control panel. We recommend the following article which will walk you through the different URLs you can use to access your control panel with the username, password, and server name from your welcome email.

The following article will walk you through logging into your control panel, as well as give a brief list of the functions for the menus you'll find inside of the control panel:

Creating and Managing Email Accounts in Plesk

Once you have logged into your control panel for the first time, you'll want to create some email accounts so that you can begin receiving email on your new server after your domain is pointed to it. The following articles will show you how to create email accounts, adjust common email settings, and how to log into your new email accounts:

If your domain is not yet pointed to our servers, the following article will help you with updating your domain to use the name servers we provided in your welcome email:

Managing DNS Records

Once your domain is pointed to our servers, not only will it make it easier to access your control panels as per the information in the articles above, but you'll also be able to make more changes to your DNS if you so choose.

The following article will assist you with creating and managing DNS records for domains you have hosted on your Plesk control panel:

Adding Domains, Aliases, and Subdomains

If you decide to purchase additional domains in the future to host on your control panel, all you have to do is update them to point to your Plesk server using the name servers provided in your welcome email, then follow the instructions in the following article to create an addon domain:

That article will also walk you through creating subdomains for any domains that you already have installed, as well as deleting any that you are not using.

You may even wish to display the same content from multiple domains. To do that you would need to use what is called a Domain Alias. The following article will assist you with creating domain aliases in Plesk:

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